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Post Mortem, S8
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Wilson: I heard you were watching surgery with a patient's family. Talking to a patient's family. It’s because of your hallucination, isn't it? After you were shot? You chose life; you decided you wanted meaning, so you took a case with no mystery. Something any doctor could do. A case with no upside except the satisfaction of helping another human being.

House: She thanked me.

Wilson: And... you felt nothing.

House: Wasn't even sure what I was supposed to feel.

Wilson: It's like your leg, its atrophied. Keep working it, the feeling will come.

Meaning, S3
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Birthmarks, S5
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Don't Ever Change, S4
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Everybody Dies, S8

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House: [to Wilson, pleasantly] How you doing? Good?

Wilson: [equally pleasantly] Fine, thanks.

Dying Changes Everything, S5
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Wilson: It's understandable.

House: I hate when you do that. You respond to what you think I'm thinking, because you think that I think like you do. It's insulting and annoying.

Wilson: You're scared because nothing excites you. Fun doesn't excite you. Puzzles don't excite you. What's left? And I was saying you're right. You're upset. You're depressed. Everything's gonna taste a little worse right now, but it'll pass.

House: It's understandable. You're scared because you think I'm falling apart, and you're trying to convince yourself that you're overreacting.

Out Of The Chute, S7
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The Down Low, S6 photo brightsidestern1.gif photo brightsidestern2.gif
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The Down Low, S6
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Brave Heart, S6
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Daddy's Boy, S2
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Birthmarks, S5
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Sports Medicine, S1
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House: You value the physical so much, let me put this in terms you understand!

No Reason, S2
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Wilson: Even if I had changed my diet, what possible reason could I have for hiding it from you?

Saviors, S5
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Birthmarks, S5
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House: Go away.

Wilson: (sighing) Did you speak to Cuddy last night?

House: She's fine. Why would it take anyone more than a few hours to get over misplacing a baby?

Wilson: You spoke to her?

House: Kinda hit that. So she's all on my jock.

Wilson: Wha — what?

[House finally opens his eyes]

House: (looking at Wilson) Huh. Everyone else thought I was kidding.

Wilson: You hit? Like making out, or full-on sex or —

[House is scratching his right hand]

House: Got a chart laid out with all the bases. I'll take you through it.

Wilson: Wh — what are you gonna do?

House: What can I do? I'm going to ignore her for the rest of my life. This mosquito bite kept me awake.

Wilson: Don't care about the bug bite. She's your boss.

House: So now I have two reasons to ignore her. (still scratching) It was just a kiss.

Wilson: There's a reason.

House: Yes. Those large things in her bra.

Wilson: You were hiding it from me, means it meant something to you.

House: Yeah, I fiendishly concealed it within the phrase "I hit that."

Wilson: Stop scratching. You'll draw blood.

House: Finally you said something useful. If I actually break the skin, it'll let the poison out.

The Itch, S5
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Don't Ever Change, S4
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House: Hello, old chap.

[Intercut between the bathroom and Wilson’s office.]

Wilson: You need to save yourself. I was up last night trying to find another angle, but I can't. Tell immigration you were in love with Dominika, but your marriage fell apart, and that's why you haven't been living together.

House: She'll be deported, permanently.

Wilson: House, I know you like Dominika, you have fun with her, but you got caught. There's no getting out of this. The best you could hope for is that you don't go back to jail.

Man Of The House, S8