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Wilson: With a patient.

House: Is she dying?

Wilson: No.

House: Then she can wait.

Wilson: Would you excuse me, just 2 minutes.

House: If only she’d been molested then we’d have something to go on. [He tries to open a jar of mentholatum] No forced entry.

Wilson: One hallucination; maybe it was just bad pork, maybe there’s nothing…

House: She’s not fine. Her sat percentage dropped another point.

[He keeps struggling with the jar]

Wilson: Which could suggest a tumor in her lung.

House: Lung wouldn’t explain the hallucination. CT scan showed both lungs were clean, which means there’s a tumor in her heart.

Wilson: Not a chance. Give me that.

[Wilson opens the jar]

House: I loosened it.

Wilson: I opened it. We’ve got an MRI and an echo of her heart, there’s nothing there.

House: Give me one other explanation for low oxygen saturation.

Wilson: I can’t. There’s only one condition that simultaneously affects the heart and the brain but she…

House: Perfect let’s go with that.

Wilson: Tuberous Sclerosis in a kid that also has Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. Two different unrelated cancers at the same time is a statistical no no.

House: What’s the rate of cancer in the general population? 1 in 10,000?

Wilson: Don’t, don’t start with the numbers.

House: The way I figure it 1 in 10,000 of them should have another cancer. Little girl won the lottery twice. It happens.

Wilson: So you’re gonna cut her open?

House: Exploratory surgery, gotta find this thing.

Wilson: You’re just going to grope around inside an immunocompromised nine year old? She could die on the table.

House: I know it's somewhere near the heart.

Wilson: House, you’ve gotta do better than that.

Autopsy, S2


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