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House: You don't just have a fetish for needy people, you marry them!

Wilson: Here we go.

House: You mean it, and then time passes and suddenly they're not so needy anymore. Your fault. You've been there for them too much. They're getting healthy, independent, and that's just ugly. God you must be pissed at God right now for making her all happy.

Wilson: Why are you doing this?

House: Because you're being stupid. [Wilson laughs.] You know what you're risking by sleeping with a patient!

Wilson: Oh that's crap! You're not mad because I'm risking my job. You're not even mad because I lied to you, you're mad because I lied to you and you couldn't tell!

House: Yeah, you got me nailed.

Wilson: Yeah, that's why you didn't want me in your poker game. Because when it comes to being in control, Gregory House leaves our faith healer kid in the dust. And that's why religious belief annoys you. Because if the universe operates by abstract rules, you can learn them and you can protect yourself. If a supreme being exists, he can squash you anytime he wants.

House: He knows where I am.

[Mobile phone starts ringing, they both check their pockets.]

Wilson: Think it’s yours.

House: [He answers.] Yeah. [A pause.] I'll be right there. [He puts down the phone.] Jesus is spiking a fever. He's delusional.

Wilson: Tuberous sclerosis doesn't cause fever.

House: I know.

Wilson: I'll drive.

House vs. God


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