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Wilson: The 29 year old female…

House: The one who can’t talk, I liked that part.

Wilson: She’s my cousin.

House: And your cousin doesn’t like the diagnosis. I wouldn’t either. Brain tumor, she’s gonna die, boring.

Wilson: No wonder you’re such a renowned diagnostician. You don’t need to actually know anything to figure out what’s wrong.

House: You’re the oncologist; I’m just a lowly infectious disease guy.

Wilson: Hah, yes, just a simple country doctor. Brain tumors at her age are highly unlikely.

House: She’s 29. Whatever she’s got is highly unlikely.

Wilson: Protein markers for the three most prevalent brain cancers came up negative.

House: That’s an HMO lab; you might as well have sent it to a high school kid with a chemistry set.

Wilson: No family history.

House: I thought your uncle died of cancer.

Wilson: Other side. No environmental factors.

House: That you know of.

Wilson: And she’s not responding to radiation treatment.

House: None of which is even close to dispositive. All it does is raise one question. Your cousin goes to an HMO?

Wilson: Come on! Why leave all the fun for the coroner? What’s the point of putting together a team if you’re not going to use them? You’ve got three overqualified doctors working for you. Getting bored.

The Pilot, S1

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